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Believe it or not, people in this world chase two things. One is money for the obvious reasons and the second is fame/reputation/esteem or however you would like to define it. People might not accept it openly but they very much care about how are they perceived by other people.


In our school and colleges we were taught the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Now consider the hierarchy, can you achieve safety, sense of belonging, esteem or even self actualization without having a good reputation in the society we live in. We always hear from elders, money can’t buy you happiness. This is true. Even if you have all the money in world, it would satisfy your physiological needs and safety needs to certain extent but what about the other needs in the hierarchy?

Now lets talk about the world we live in. The world is constantly changing so is the technology. The web is completely different what it used to be like 15 years ago. Previously there were handful of websites and the concept of social media hadn’t evolved.  Today everyone is connected to each other through the means of internet. Now one can even imagine living a life without the use of internet. The internet has completely changed how we live our life. Whether it be how we communicate with each other, how we find new friends, how we find a new place to go, how we find the nearest coffee shop and list goes on and on. The advancement of technology has made the life simpler and along with it has brought many troubles as well. Now everything we do has a digital footprint which will follow you around. In this age of social media, anyone can write anything about you whether true or false and post it on the internet for the world to see. Only a click on the certain query in search engine might lead to the content you might not want others to see.

Whether you are a celebrity or not, you are bound to have people who like you and others who envy you. The worrying thing is that people might chose to write content anonymously, whom could be your friend you trust or an ex-boyfriend or jealous friend, you would never know. They might chose to reveal a secret which could potentially destroy your career and social life. Don’t believe me, google “cyber bullying suicides” and see for yourself.

Now lets face it. When you want any information about anyone, the first thing you do is google their name. Be it your employer, client or your date, you are potentially at a risk if anything bad or nothing shows up on searching your name. Companies search potential employees, universities search potentials students, job seekers search employers, clients search the company they are dealing with and the list is endless. If your online reputation is working against you, the results could have drastic impact on your career or social life.

Bad Online Reputation

This is where the need for online reputation management arises to make sure that only the positive and relevant content and information is visible to people when they search you online. In the past I had a client who was a student and graduated from college and when he sent his resume to employers, he wasn’t called for interviews. This was due to the fact that he shared the same name as that of a famous criminal. Whenever information about him was searched, it led to the information about the robber.

I would also like to quote an example of one of my recent clients and how online reputation management changed his life completely. He was a very successful dentist and had been practicing for more than 8 years. One costly mistake destroyed his career. He on one unfortunate day operated his client under the influence of alcohol which led to his license being cancelled by the Texas Medical Board and let to negative campaign against him. He regretted his mistake but wanted to start a new life as an entrepreneur trading agricultural goods. The only obstacle in his path was his bad online reputation. A search of his name would lead to hundreds of news articles/negative reviews pointing to the costly mistake he had committed in the past. When he contacted us, he was contemplating an official name change. We discouraged him from taking this step and helped him start a new career as an entrepreneur with the same name but a new online presence.

Don’t let the bad online reputation hurt you or your business. Don’t hesitate to email me if you are faced by any of the similar problems and are in the need for a solution. Your privacy is very important to me and my company and all the information would be kept confidential no matter what happens.

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Rehman Siddiq is the Founder/CEO of MacroHype and a professional marketeer with over 7 years of experience in online reputation management, public relations, advertising & SEO

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